How to choose the children's kettle

2019-04-14 16:27
Summer is scorching like fire, in this season parents must remember to give child choose and buy a children kettle. As parents should know that children need to drink water every day, water is important for children's health! Water is always available at school rather than at home, so take extra water for your children when they go to school. Want to buy kettle of a children so it is necessary, the breed of kettle of children on market now is too much, how to choose and buy the kettle of children that makes a person rest assured, price moderate, can healthy water, become an important problem that cannot ignore.
Below, small make up for you to sort out the six choose and buy children's kettle attention, after understanding these knowledge, you will not choose and buy children's kettle and worry!
Pay attention to six matters when purchasing children's kettles
1. Material:
If it is a special kettle and thermos cup for children with vacuum protection, the bottle body should be made of high-quality imported 304 stainless steel in the aspect of material selection. It is difficult to fall off with stainless steel from the pattern of appearance. And plastic must be food grade PP plastic. Sports kettle material to choose high pure aluminum, must pay attention to the kettle brand marked using 99.5% pure aluminum, because now most manufacturers are using recycled aluminum, so buy children's kettle is best to choose some professional brands.
2. Look at the spout:
The key to choosing a children's kettle is the sealing of the spout. The sealing of the spout depends on the degree of fit between the cap and the thread of the spout. If the coincidence degree is not high enough, water leakage may occur in the normal use process, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to the use of this aspect, presumably many parents have had some unpleasant experience. In addition, many irregular places buy children's water spout thread edge is sharp, although the finger and lip scratches are not many, but still occasionally. A good kettle for kids will have a more humane treatment, which is to make the edge of the thread into an arc, so as to completely eliminate the possibility of even a small probability of cutting fingers and lips.
3. Certification:
Buy children's kettle need to pay attention to whether through the relevant certification, first of all to see whether the manufacturer through the quality system certification, through the strict certification of the manufacturer from the manufacturing, quality management system can put an end to a lot of problems. Important reference: the most basic is to have the detection that passes bureau of national quality technology to supervise.
4. See details:
A good children's kettle, if carefully observed, in the details will have some obvious performance: the surface and the inside of a good kettle will be very flat, no outsoles, bubbles, depression or because of impurities caused by the protuberance; The silk screen printing pattern of the pot body has uniform color, clear edge, accurate color registration, firm adhesion and no stain. In addition, because of the different materials on the lid, the color, luster and texture will be different, and the quality will be higher. Some brands will also have signs on the lid and the bottom of the kettle.
5. Price:
If feel above identify trouble, difficulty is too high, so the simplest method sees a price namely: the cost of the children kettle with reliable quality, excellent quality is met necessarily tall, the price also won't be too cheap. Generally speaking, no matter capacity size, the children kettle with low retail price is difficult to guarantee the reliability of quality.
6. Look at the label:
Formal and responsible online shopping malls for children's products will clearly and accurately mark product information, precautions for use and shopping mall information. In addition to facilitating the safe use of buyers, once problems occur, it is also convenient for consumers to contact, consult and provide after-sales services.
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