Kettle descaling method

2019-04-14 16:29
Kettle is used long also can produce bilge, must not ignored it, also want to it seasonable cleanness maintains! How to remove dirt from a kettle? Here are some tips.
1, the magnetization
Put a magnet in kettle, not only does not accumulate scale, boiled water is magnetized, have the effect that eliminate cure constipation, pharyngitis.
2. Remove scale with vinegar
If boil kettle to have scale, can put a few spoon vinegar into water, burn one or two hours, scale divides namely.
3, potato skin scale removal
Aluminum pot or aluminum pot after a period of time, there will be a thin layer of scale. Put potato skin inside, add right amount of water, boil, boil for 10 minutes or so, can be removed.
4. Remove scale with baking soda
When you boil water in an aluminum kettle, put 1 tablespoon baking soda in it.
5. Remove scale with toothpaste
Apply the toothpaste to the kettle and scrub it with a cloth, especially for tea stains.



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